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Tappan Street

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Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.1389 Manual Training High School 46 Tappan St 1901
BKL.2994 Taylor, Henry Morgan Carriage Carriage House 151 Tappan St 1885
BKL.3892 Taylor, Henry Morgan and Jennie Hadley House 163 Tappan St 1885
BKL.2867 Hoyt, Charles C. Garage 186 Tappan St 1906
BKL.3021 Hoyt, Charles C. House 186 Tappan St 1896
BKL.2332 Fitzpatrick, Paul Edward Garage and Chauffeur Residence 189 Tappan St 1914
BKL.3894 Davis, Elizabeth S. House 195 Tappan St c 1871
BKL.2572 Bowditch, William I. Coachman's House 224 Tappan St r 1860
BKL.3896 Long, Harry Vinton and Susan Bowditch House II 261 Tappan St 1890
BKL.772 Aberdeen Realty Company House 264-266 Tappan St 1923
BKL.1621 Marguerite Terrace 316-326 Tappan St 1891
BKL.766 Long, Harry Vinton and Susan Bowditch House I 329 Tappan St c 1880
BKL.1623 Fillmore Terrace 332-344 Tappan St 1890
BKL.1622 Frances Terrace 350-366 Tappan St 1889