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Ivy Street

This street (or part of it) is included in the Cottage Farm Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places and the Cottage Farm Local Historic District.

Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.9 Davidson, W. A. House 79-83 Ivy St 1912
BKL.10 Von Arnim, Albertina House 87 Ivy St 1914
BKL.7 Lawrence, Amos A. House 90 Ivy St c 1853
BKL.11 Greenough, Dr. Robert B. House 93 Ivy St 1922
BKL.6 Lawrence, Amos A. House 96 Ivy St c 1853
BKL.2830 Rockwood Carriage Barn 96 Ivy St 1853
BKL.12 Woodworth, Herbert G. House 101 Ivy St 1892
BKL.5 Lawrence, Amos A. House 108 Ivy St c 1853
BKL.13 Baker, C. M. House 111 Ivy St r 1886
BKL.18 Lawrence, Amos A. House 135 Ivy St
1835 illustration
BKL.42 Lawrence House 156 Ivy St 1851
BKL.36 Dimond, Isaac House 157 Ivy St 1941
BKL.37 Dane, Betram J. House 165 Ivy St 1949
BKL.41 Whidden, Renton House 170 Ivy St 1912
BKL.72 178 Ivy St c 1928
BKL.71 Loring, Atherton House 180 Ivy St 1928
BKL.69 Schoolman, Max House 190 Ivy St 1919
BKL.70 Peabody, J. E. House - Saint Dominic's Institute 200 Ivy St 1911