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Babcock Street

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Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.171 Rudnick, Morris Building 9-11 Babcock St 1915
BKL.173 Rich, Thomas A. House 38 Babcock St c 1880
BKL.185 Goodenough, Carrie E. House 80-82 Babcock St 1899
BKL.184 Nutt, Eva House 86 Babcock St 1896
BKL.183 Fletcher, H. H. House 90 Babcock St 1897
BKL.133 Swan, Emma House 91 Babcock St r 1895
BKL.182 Brooks, Emily House 94 Babcock St 1897
BKL.134 Rogers, Edward House 99 Babcock St c 1895
BKL.181 Rudnick, Morris House 104 Babcock St 1925
BKL.135 Rogers, Ethel House 109 Babcock St r 1898
BKL.136 Bennett, Lillian M. House 123 Babcock St c 1898
BKL.180 McKenney, Anna House 134 Babcock St r 1899
BKL.179 Waite, Alfred T. House 150 Babcock St 1895
BKL.178 Brunelle, Octave L. House 156 Babcock St 1895
BKL.106 Young, Annie House 157 Babcock St 1925
BKL.107 Brooks, Amy C. House 167 Babcock St 1906
KL.226 Aldrich, Harriet House 190 Babcock St 1894
BKL.227 Tucker, Harriet L. House 198 Babcock St 1896
BKL.108 Goodrich, Wallace House 199 Babcock St 1897
BKL.2772 Proctor, John Garage 210 Babcock St 1912
BKL.2730 Jewell, A. S. Apartment House 240 Babcock St 1899

Babcock Street