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Bonad Road

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Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.1323 Cooke Building Trust House 87 Bonad Rd 1926
BKL.2916 Tower, Frank S. - Durham, Walter Garage 110 Bonad Rd 1928
BKL.2917 Tower, Frank S. - Johnson, Albert G. Garage 114 Bonad Rd 1928
BKL.2918 Tower, Frank S. - McEvoy, Patrick Garage 118 Bonad Rd 1928
BKL.2919 Sherman, Morris - Salett, Jack Garage 130-132 Bonad Rd 1948
BKL.1324 Nelson, John House 133 Bonad Rd 1926
BKL.2920 Tulloch, Dr. James L. - Price, Jacob Garage 136 Bonad Rd 1935
BKL.2921 Lacy, John A. House 146 Bonad Rd 1937