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Prescott Street

This street (or part of it) is included in the Cottage Farm Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places and the Cottage Farm Local Historic District.

Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.39 New England Hebrew Academy 9 Prescott St 1902
BKL.23 Sturgis, Irving House 16 Prescott St 1906
BKL.2853 Sturgis, Irving J. Garage 16 Prescott St 1907
BKL.40 Wells, Judge John House 23 Prescott St r 1870
BKL.20 Leland, Edmund F. House 30 Prescott St 1905
BKL.35 Rothenberg, Louis S. House 35 Prescott St 1941
BKL.19 Cotton, J. H. House 40 Prescott St c 1904