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Browne Street

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Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.165 Snider and Druker Building 8-18 Browne St r 1913
BKL.159 Jewell, Albert L. House 17 Browne St 1899
BKL.160 Richardson, Jeffery House 23 Browne St r 1902
BKL.150 Rosen, Gabe Building 80-90 Browne St 1915
BKL.149 Ginesti, Domenico House 94 Browne St 1913
BKL.148 McNeilly, Scott House 102 Browne St 1927
BKL.157 Jones, Arthur G. House 119 Browne St 1913
BKL.147 Keegan, John House 120-122 Browne St 1880
BKL.146 Murphy, P. Francis House 124 Browne St 1876
BKL.158 Jones, Arthur G. House 127 Browne St 1913