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Gardner Road

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Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.710 Jones, Arthur R. and Ada M. House 2 Gardner Rd 1894
BKL.3883 Conant, Nathaniel and Susan J. Came House 25-29 Gardner Rd 1890
BKL.715 Rogers, Robert King and Agnes Hill Young House 35 Gardner Rd 1902
BKL.3886 Boyle, Thomas F. and Ellen F. House 40 Gardner Rd 1896
BKL.709 Lincoln, William Edwards and Caroline A. Brett House 54 Gardner Rd 1884
BKL.707 Pike, George D. House 80 Gardner Rd 1925
BKL.3384 Fein, Harry H. House 99 Gardner Rd 1956
BKL.764 Burdett, George A. and Ellen S. Strong House 213 Gardner Rd 1887
BKL.706 Shepard, O. Atherton - Vose, Robert Churchill and Sarah House 216 Gardner Rd 1885
BKL.765 Strong, William B. House 219 Gardner Rd c 1888

Gardner Road