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Euston Street

This street (or part of it) is included in the Cottage Farm Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places and the Cottage Farm Local Historic District.

Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.17 Grishaver - Gerrish Apartments 2-24 Euston St r 1916
BKL.29 Snider, Ellis L. Apartment Building 7 Euston St 1912
BKL.30 Grishaver and Gerrish Apartment Building 19 Euston St 1915
BKL.31 Clements, Hazen House 33 Euston St c 1907
BKL.16 Pitman House 36 Euston St 1919
BKL.21 Lyman, C. Fred House 58 Euston St c 1903