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Winthrop Road

Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.714 Holmes, Edwin B. House 31-33 Winthrop Rd 1893
BKL.713 Thaxter, Joseph B. and Marion J. - Glazer, Gabriel and Sara House 73 Winthrop Rd 1914
BKL.3909 Curtin, John A. and Elizabeth A. House 97 Winthrop Rd c 1893
BKL.3910 King, Charles and Company Apartment Building 108 Winthrop Rd 1902
BKL.753 McCarthy, John H. and Hattie Downer House 124 Winthrop Rd 1891
BKL.738 Smith, Jane F. House 135 Winthrop Rd 1892
BKL.737 Ballou, Hosea Starr House 139 Winthrop Rd 1891
BKL.736 Hamlin, Charles Sumner and Huybertie Pruyn House 157 Winthrop Rd 1891
BKL.735 Merriam, William Newell and Carrie Horton House 165 Winthrop Rd 1891
BKL.3971 Goode, Robert Matthew Apartments 145-149 Winthrop Road 1909