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Carlton Street

This street (or part of it) is included in the Cottage Farm Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places and the Cottage Farm Local Historic District.

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Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.423 3-5 Carlton St 1967
BKL.424 Lawrence House 11-15 Carlton St r 1865
BKL.425 17-25 Carlton St 1964
BKL.431 Wales, George House 22 Carlton St r 1890
BKL.3067 Merrill, Luther - Blake, Thomas D. Rowhouse 37 Carlton St c 1891
BKL.3068 Merrill, Luther - Whitney, Hammond M. Rowhouse 39 Carlton St c 1891
BKL.442 Yonkers, Jacob Apartment House 40 Carlton St 1924
BKL.414 Merrill, Luther Rowhouse 41-45 Carlton St r 1892
BKL.440 Yonkers, Jacob Apartment House 46 Carlton St 1924
BKL.1 Wales, John House 71 Carlton St r 1886
BKL.2 Wales, John House 79 Carlton St r 1886
BKL.2923 Wales, John R. Carriage Barn 79 Carlton St 1886
BKL.52 Sklaver, Goldie House 82 Carlton St 1936
BKL.3 Lawrence - Chaplin House 89 Carlton St r 1853
BKL.51 Shannon, Robert W. House 90 Carlton St 1930
BKL.4 Snider, Benjamin House 95 Carlton St 1920
BKL.50 Williams, Sally P. House 98 Carlton St 1935
BKL.14 Walker, Dr. Harold House 111 Carlton St 1924
BKL.15 Pitman, Benjamin F. House 121 Carlton St c 1901
BKL.22 Hight, Clarence A. House 122 Carlton St 1902
BKL.32 Dana, Francis B. House 131 Carlton St 1902
BKL.25 Jenny, Bernard Jr. House 132 Carlton St 1908
BKL.2784 Jenney, Bernard Jr. Garage 132 Carlton St 1908
BKL.26 Parker, Philip S. House 141 Carlton St c 1863

Carlton Street