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Beech Road

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Page Link Building Address Year
BKL.478 Kimball, C. House 10 Beech Rd 1901
BKL.477 Burrage, A. A. House 16 Beech Rd 1904
BKL.476 Gahm, M. House 26 Beech Rd 1907
BKL.475 Morse, Jacob House 34 Beech Rd 1901
BKL.474 Dane, C. S. House 42 Beech Rd 1906
BKL.473 Rosenfield, Louis I. House 48 Beech Rd 1960
BKL.472 Green, Benjamin House 60 Beech Rd 1927
BKL.2915 Lincoln, William H. Carriage Barn 60 Beech Rd 1874
BKL.471 Agoos, A. House 62 Beech Rd 1927