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Stanton Road

Map showing Stanton Road as Greenough Street North, 1919

The oldest section of Stanton Road, starting at Cypress Street and extending to where Greenough Street is today, appeared in town atlases as Cypress Place as early as 1874. It was apparently a private road with several houses on it until 1903, when it became an official town street. A pathway extended from the end of the street into the Blake Estate as early as 1880, moving up the hill to meet the main pathway just below the Blake House. The street was extended along this path when the Blake property was developed, first as an extension of Cypress Place, then briefly renamed on its own as Greenough Street North. Cypress Place and Greenough Street North were together renamed Stanton Road in 1926.

Name Origin: Stanton was a common family name among the Blakes. Arthur Blake's older brother was called Stanton, which was actually his middle name.