87 Greenough Street



87 Greenough Street


Year Built:
Permit Date: 
Michael T. Mahan
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Mahan
Cost to Build:
(On Permit Date):
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Mahan, Beverly Farms
First Residents:
 Alfred & Marie Rooney

87 Greenough Street was built and designed by Michael Mahan, a local builder who lived next door at 81 Greenough Street. An earlier permit had been issued for a two-car garage built and designed by the team of Maurice Dunlavy and Royal Barry Wills, who were responsible for all of the new homes around the corner on Lowell Road.

The first residents, listed in the Street List for just one year, were Alfred and Marie Rooney, together with their young daughter Phyllis and Alfred's sister Helen. They had previously lived in Boston. Alfred Rooney was head of a large national advertising agency. His wife and sister both worked for the firm, the Alfred Rooney Company. The Rooneys were listed at this address only in 1929.

A two-family house, 87 Greenough was home during most of the period from 1930 to the end of World War II to the families of Robert and Marjorie Monroe and Alfred and Ora Metzler. Robert Monroe (1896-1978) was a physician who worked at the Peter Bent Brigham until his retirement and was involved in the study and development of geriatric medicine, according to his obituary in the Boston Globe.

He and his wife Marjorie (1901?-1980) were both born in Michigan and were married in 1924. The Monroes first appeared in the Street List in 1930 when, according to the U.S. Census, they were paying $105 a month in rent to the owners of the house, Albert and Mary O'Malley, who lived in the other half of 87 Greenough.

The 1930 Census lists the residents as: Robert T. Monroe, 33, physician; Marjorie. E Monroe, 29; 
Kenneth E. Monroe, 4; Albert F. O'Malley, 48, salesman (securities); Mary E. O'Malley, 26; Albert O'Malley, 5; John J. O'Malley, 4; and William E. O'Malley, 2. The house was valued at $12,000 (or possibly $22,000; the first number is difficult to read.)

One year after the O'Malley's left, the Monroes were joined in the house by Alfred and Ora Metzler. (They may have taken over as owners, though that is not clear.) The Metzlers, both of whom were born in Ohio (Alfred c1894, Ora c1895), had lived in Pennsylvania in 1930. Alfred was a manager, though I have not been able to find of what kind of business. They had three children. The Metzlers were listed at this address in the Street List from 1933 to 1945.

Joining the Metzlers after the departure of the Monroe family were Francis and Virginia Snow, who had lived around the corner at 17 Lowell Road since that house was built. See 17 Lowell Road for more on the Snows.

In 1946, the Metzlers were replaced at 87 Greenough Street by Michael Mahan, the builder of the house (by then retired) and his wife Catherine.



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