14 Lowell Road



14 Lowell Road


Year Built:
Thorndike & Kiesling
Burton W. Neal
Cost to Build:
(On Permit Date):
Mrs. Arthur W. Blake
First Residents:

14 Lowell Road is in the same house as 12 Lowell. See 12 Lowell Road for the history of the house itself and the people who lived at that address. The residents of 14 Lowell are described on this page.

As early as 1911, various butlers and coachmen were shown in the Brookline Street List as living "off Greenough," or on "Greenough Street within," early names for what later became Lowell Road. It's unclear how many of them might have been living in what is now 12-14 Lowell.

In the early 1920s this half of the house, like the other half, was home to a relative of Frances Greenough Blake, in this case her first cousin Mary Elizabeth Huntington (1840-1923). (Her mother and Frances Blake's father were siblings.)

The 1920 U.S. Census and the 1921 Brookline Street List showed Huntington and two other women living at 4 Greenough Street Within. The same three were shown at 14 Lowell Road in the 1922 and 1923 Street Lists, which indicates that it was the same dwelling with a new address applied after the laying out of Lowell Road.

The other women listed here were Ada E. Chevalier (born c1875), a teacher at the Pierce School in Brookline, and Johanna (or Joanna) T. Butler (born c1860?). Butler apparently took care of Mary Huntington. (She was listed as a nurse in the 1920 Census and as a companion in the 1921-1923 Street Lists.)

Also listed here were Katherine Sidley, a servant (listed in 1920 only) and Agnes Brennan, a maid (listed from 1921 to 1923).

An elderly widow, J. Eleanor Low (or Lowe) (born c1842) was listed at 14 Lowell Road from 1924 to 1933. Mary T. Weafer (born c1853), who had been a servant for Low before she moved here, was listed with her at this address until 1928, and another woman, Mary Walsh (born c1870) was listed with Low from 1928 to 1933 and continued to be listed for one more year after Low was gone in 1934. There were also various maids, a nurse, and a companion listed with them in different years.

The 1930 U.S. Census listed the residents as: Edward G. Lowe, 88 (an error, but she may have been Mrs. Edward G. Low or Lowe); Mary Walsh, 58, cook, born Irish Free State; and Julia Sullivan, 55, servant. The rent was $80 per month.

No one was listed at this address in 1935 and 1936. From 1937 to 1939, the residents were Henry D. and Adelaide L. Stevens. Henry Stevens (born c1902) was a banker.

Following the Stevenses were Ernest Jacoby (born c 1912), an accountant, and his mother Alice. They moved here from 169 Walnut Street, and members of the family were listed at this address until the late 1950s.

Note: For the residents of the other half of this house, see 12 Lowell Road.

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