109 Tappan Street



109 Tappan Street


Year Built:
Permit Date:
Architect: Burdo & Boyd
Builder: Burdo & Boyd
Cost to Build: $12,000
(On Permit Date):
Burdo & Boyd, Fitchburg
First Residents: John J. & Hannah F. McGinnis

This house, one of two built on Tappan Street as part of the Blake Park development, was designed and constructed by Burdo & Boyd, builders who were also responsible for nine other Blake Park houses.

109 Tappan was the home at first to the McGinnis family, including John and Hannah McGinnis and their four adult children. John J. McGinnis (born c1860 in New York) was a public school custodian. He and Hannah (also born c1860) were both the children of Irish immigrants.

The McGinnis' oldest child, Mary (born c1887) was listed as a secretary and stenographer in the Brookline Street List. The 1930 U.S. Census showed her as a secretary at a wool company. The second child, John B. (1894-1980) was a wholesale leather salesman. (His World War I draft registration showed him as a sole sorter for the Armour Leather Company.) His brother George (born c1897) was listed as a salesman in the Street List. The 1930 Census showed him as an installer for a radiator company. The younger daughter in the family, Louise (born c1900), was an artist at a greeting card company.

The complete 1930 U.S. Census listing showed the residents as: John J. McGinnis, 70, custodian (public school), born New York; Hannah F. McGinnis, 70; Mary A. McGinnis, 43, secretary (wool office); John B. McGinnnis, 36, salesman (wholesale leather); George P. McGinnis, 33, installer (radiator company); and Louise P. McGinnis, 31, artist (greeting cards). The house was valued at $16,000.

The McGinnis family was listed first at this address in 1928. The oldest son John B. was listed through 1930.The father John J., who was shown as retired after 1938, was listed through 1940. The rest of the family was listed through 1941.

Following the McGinnis family at this address were Marjorie L. and William J. Braden. William was listed as a manager. No further information is available.