74 Somerset Road



74 Somerset Road


Year Built:
Permit Date:
Architect: William J. Freethy
Builder: Harry Sklaver
Cost to Build: $8,000
(On Permit Date):
Sewall Realty Trust, 7 Harvard St.
First Residents: Benajmin & Lena Belis

The builder and architect of this house, Harry Sklaver and William J. Freethy, were responsible for five houses on Somerset Road and one on the north side of Welland Road, all of which were on the part of the property retained by Frances Blake in 1916 and not developed until after her death in 1939. Sklaver and Freethy also worked together on 36 Blake Road, the last (or possibly next to last) house built in the earlier stage of development.

74 Somerset Road was the home initially of Benjamin and Lena Belis who moved here from 31 Westbourne Terrace. Ben Belis (1895-1972) was in the shoe business. He and his wife Lena (1896-1977) had a daughter, Beatrice, who had been living on Lawton Street but moved in with her parents when they first came to Somerset Road. Beatrice's husband, Joseph Soltz, was in the U.S. Army. He was listed at this address as well beginning in 1944.

Members of the Stoltz family continued to be listed here until the early 1970s.