59 Somerset Road



59 Somerset Road


Year Built:
Permit Date:
Architect: Meyer Louis
Builder: Morris Winer
Cost to Build: $8,500
(On Permit Date):
Morris Glaser, Boston
First Residents: Morris M. & Ida B. Glaser

59 Somerset Road, designed by Meyer Louis and built by Morris Winer for Ida and Morris Glaser. The same pair designed and built 75 Somerset Road for the Glaser's son Benjamin and his wife Anna.

Ida and Morris M. Glaser moved here from Malden. The Glasers were born in Russia (Morris in 1886 and Ida c1888). Morris came to the U.S. in 1910 and Ida, with their oldest son Benjamin a year later. They had three more children after coming to Massachusetts. Rose, their youngest child and only daughter, was the only one living with them on Somerset Road.

Morris Glaser was proprietor of a wholesale dry goods business with his older brother Philip. The families of the two brothers lived together in Malden before Morris and Ida came to Brookline. (Philip may have died shortly before the move.) Rose was a buyer at Filene's in the 1940s.

The Glaser family was listed at this address from 1942 until the early 1970s.