33 Welland Road



33 Welland Road


Year Built:
Permit Date:
Architect: Raymond Stowell
Builder: Chestnut Hill Building Co. Inc.
Cost to Build: $10,500
(On Permit Date):
Chestnut Hill Building Co. Inc., 1320 Beacon Street
First Residents: Taurice W. & Archibald George Kohna

33 Welland Road was one of first houses built after Frances Blake's in death and the addition to Blake Park of that part of the estate that she had retained in 1916.

The first residents of this house were Taurice W. and Archibald George Kohn. They knew each other as early as 1920 when both were boarders at the same house in New York City. She was then Taurice Wit (born c1900), and he was listed in the Census that year as Archibald Cohen (born c1899), a dry goods exporter. Both were born in Massachusetts, but it is not clear if they knew each other before the time they lived at the same Manhattan address.

By 1930, they were married and living on James Street in Brookline with their son, Dexter. Archibald was listed as a dress manufacturer. They were first listed at the Welland Street house in 1941. Dexter was in the U.S. Army during World War II. The family continued to own the house until the late 1960s.